J-Hope: what does it say about his personality?


In Korean culture, details such as blood type are very important, because it says a lot about personality, what does it say about J-Hope?

Before we get into the details of J-Hope we will explain a little about the topic of personality and blood type. In some Asian cultures it is believed that the blood type completely delimits the personality, character, abilities and skills of each person.

You may have heard in a drama that people, especially when starting a romance, literally ask what their blood type is, this is because for Koreans there are 4 types of blood, that is, under this belief, there are 4 types characters that each person has and are defined by their blood fluid.

Blood types and personality

Type A: They are defined as shy, introverted, persevering and perfectionist people.
Type B: They are improvised, creative, self-centered and proud people.
Type O: Outgoing, open to other thoughts, talkative and restless.

Now if, keeping this information in mind, we can undertake the task of thoroughly analyzing the personality of the Golden hyung, better known as J-Hope.

Hobi is a person with blood type A, so it is expected that he is a person inclined to the artistic side, expressing himself, but he also likes to be in control, so if things do not go their way, he gets angry, well They are very perfectionists, as well as nervous.

In fact, La Verdad Noticias has previously revealed that the 26-year-old from BTS is known for being a professional and perfectionist, as he has been seen giving his best in rehearsals.

Continuing with the type A personality, it could be said that they are “square” people, they do not like changes, surprises, but they love to be calm, family is very important to them.

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One detail of these blood types is that they are people with very few friends, because they are very distrustful, it is not very easy for them to express their emotions, they are passionate and given in love.


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