J-Hope wants to be RM for a day due to powerful reason


J-Hope wants to be Namjoon for a day, the idol said why he is so interested in his BTS partner’s mindset. Each of the BTS members have a very friendly connection that is seen to reflect the music of the K-pop band, the songs and lyrics of their tracks are the result of their chemistry in the recording studio.

The guys from BTS created the dynamic of the Online Talk Event, where ARMY from all over the world was able to communicate with rappers and singers through questions, Internet users were very interested about future projects and what an idol of the other.

Furuya, the presenter of Online Talk Event BTS asked J-Hope: ‘If one day you could be another member of the band, who would you be?’, Hoseok didn’t have to think about it much, because he immediately replied


The reaction of the boys was astonished, since everyone considers that the leader of the Bangtan Boys has a great talent for rap, dance and languages, on different occasions they have revealed their affection for RM.

J-Hope has great admiration for Namjoon, the rappers have built a strong friendship that allows them to collaborate in various areas like music and behind the scenes they trust each other.

To end the Online Talk Event segment, the MC asked Hoseok to express his love for ARMY, the rapper from ‘EGO’ made some cute moves in front of the camera to further brighten the interview and fill the audience with energy.

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