J-Hope vs Jin, fight for the best ice cream flavor


BTS’s J-Hope and Jin staged a cute ice cream battle during the new ‘Baskin Robbins’ promo.

J-Hope, Jin, and V, three of BTS’s stars, got into a debate over ice cream flavors in a new ‘Baskin Robbins’ commercial; However, it was Jung Ho-seok and Kim Seok-jin who least agreed on the degree of starring in an epic ice cream battle.

In the new promo, BTS members were asked to reply, “What is Baskin Robbins’ favorite flavor combination?” To which Jin said, “I always go for Zzon Tteok, Wizard’s Halloween, and Shooting Star.” V replied, “I have this thing called ‘the V combination,’ which consists of Almond Bonbon, Puss in boots, Cookie’n Cream and Twinberry Cheesecake.”

However, J-Hope mentioned that he likes mint chocolate and green tea, and Jin said, “I’m leaving here.” Hobi revealed that he really likes the taste of mint chocolate so much that when he receives the ice cream, he asks for a double serving of mint chocolate. Jin jokingly said, “You have the worst taste.”

Lovers of ‘Baskin Robbins’ and members of ARMY who saw the clip left divided comments on the flavor chosen by the idol of the K-Pop group: “Yes, J-Hope knows about flavors”, “Mint chocolate is the best “or” I’m disappointed “,” I can’t help you on that Hobi “were some of the most popular comments.

J-Hope and BTS have their own ice cream

Currently, chocolate mint flavored ice cream is a ‘funny’ meme trend in South Korea thanks to the BTS rapper. Currently, BTS idols are active as official backup models for ‘Baskin Robbins’ in South Korea, for which they have starred in fun commercials.

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BTS has also partnered with the ice cream franchise to launch their own limited edition flavor: ‘Bora Bora.’ The BTS-inspired ice cream features blueberry yogurt, blueberry ice cream, frozen yogurt, blackberry sorbet with a blueberry ribbon for a more concentrated blueberry flavor. They also brought out a drink, Bora Bora Blast and an ice macaroon, BoraBora Ice Macaron.


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