J-Hope is a victim of plagiarism with the cover of his mixtape


J-Hope is a victim of plagiarism with the cover of his mixtape. ARMY is upset and hopes that action will be taken.

The music industry is usually a headache for some artists and fans, because although all celebs have great talent, plagiarism often occurs , be it in the lyrics, the sound of the song and even the videos, although there is also the famous sampling, which is taking a sound beat and doing a remix type or modifying it.

In K-pop it is not that common, although sometimes there are similar concepts or the same names for certain songs. Recently, J-Hope has been a victim of plagiarism, the idol released his mixtape “Hope World” long ago and someone took part in his work, we tell you what it is about.

Through social media, ARMY sued the illegal use of the cover of Hoseok’s solo album. Although celebs sometimes use the same elements, ideas or colors, this time the robbery has been total. J-Hope’s graphic art has been used by another artist named Tissue.

The rapper placed the same cover for his album “Tissués World”, which appears on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms as part of his work. WTF ARMY has shared the photos to compare the image and it is exactly the same.

So far, neither BigHit nor rapper Tissue have made statements about it; The fandom hopes that the agency will take the necessary legal measures to respect Hobi’s work. In social networks, fans shared a format to make the complaint to the Service Support for Spotify.




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