J-Hope takes beautiful selfies with another BTS member


J-Hope and another BTS member posed for some silly selfies that made the ARMY fall in love with their witty and good vibes.

The BTS members headed to Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp. The radio presentation came a week after the septet made history by holding its top spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for the second week in a row.

After the members talked about their recent achievement and everything related to BTS, J-Hope pulled out the phone for a quick selfie in the waiting room.

Hobi posed against a wall with “welcome,” the image of the radio show host, and the Dynamite poster taped to the wall.

Just as Hoseok took her first selfie, Kookie decided to jump in and together, they took some snapshots for JungHope’s archive. JK was in the mood for some bullshit while he was behind the Chicken Noodle Soup rapper and made a couple of funny faces.

Kookie sported an adorable “pout” as Hobi’s eyes widened as her smile remained still in the solo selfie.

J-Hope shared the photo with the caption that translates to, “It was a happy and grateful moment with Kookie after the show in the waiting room.”

After the selfies, the boy group members posed with the radio show host for some photos.

Suga shared a couple of them on Twitter and wrote: “Today was so much fun Sunbae-nim! We will be visiting again next year … without fail! #SUGA”.

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