J-Hope surprises a fan by visiting his store


J-Hope went to a store owned by an ARMY, the idol was in the place buying some accessories and kitchen utensils with the design of Snoopy. The BTS fan shared his experience of having Jung Hoseok only inches away.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga, and RM don’t have normal lives, so whenever they have a day off they make the most of it to have fun with different activities. Each of the members of the Bangtan Boys has different personalities and their hobbies are too.

The boys of BTS love to relax with different hobbies such as shopping, playing sports, taking pictures, painting, drawing and even going out of town to breathe a different air from the one that surrounds them all the time.

J-Hope is known for his love of art, clothing and Snoopy, the black and white puppy who shares credits with Charlie Brown in the animated cartoon ‘Peanuts’, the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment loves this character created by Charles Schulz.

Hoseok recently visited a store owned by ARMY, the fan of K-pop rappers and singers recounted his experience meeting J-Hope and revealed what attitude the idol had during his visit to the place.


What is it like to meet J-Hope? The BTS fan shared his incredible story and said that the star visited his establishment in the company of two of his closest friends, the Korean pop idol was interested in some items such as stamps, dishes and accessories with the Snoopy theme.

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ARMY says that Hoseok was very smiling enjoying his day, he talked a lot with his friends and the girl could not help but approach the rapper from ‘EGO’ and tell him that he was a great fan and that she followed his career very closely. OMG!

The response of the interpreter of ‘Dynamite’ was immediate and he gave a brilliant smile to the manager of the store and before leaving he also said goodbye to everyone in a very cordial and polite way.

The Beyond The Scene follower was very excited to have met J-Hope and to see that he is someone who despite his fame remains true to himself and is not shown with masks or masks.

A few days ago, J-Hope left BTS fans open-mouthed by showing off his new body tattoos during the online concert ‘Map Of The Soul ON: E’, what meaning will the idol’s tattoos have?


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