J-Hope and Suga meet to live with ARMY and talk about …


Suga has shown a dark side with his alter ego Agust D, whose second mixtape was released yesterday under the song “Daechwita”.

The idol received a lot of support from ARMY, managing to break a YouTube record for the most viewed video of a K-pop soloist, he also received a special gift from J-Hope, with whom he has forged a great friendship that they made clear in his Last transmission on VLive.

In a new episode of DJ Suga’s Honey FM 06.13 ’, J-Hope was one of Suga’s most special guests, as together they form the friendship known as SOPE. They both shared their thoughts on the first thing that comes to mind by the name of Suga.

Hobi admitted that his partner has matured, but also praised him and considers him cute. Yoongi, for his part, believes that his name is similar to sleeping. LOL

They also spoke about the gift that Hobi gave him during the filming of Daechwita, he admitted that he wanted to support him from the first day, but he could not and although all his colleagues could not accompany him, he thanked the coffee cart.

They also discussed the bracelet Hobi prepared for all of them, but apparently made it too small for her wrist and was unable to wear it.


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