J-Hope Says BTS Members Are Destined To Be Together


BTS’s J-Hope shared some cute words about the group while promoting episode 7 of ‘In the SOOP BTS ver’.

For the past few weeks ARMY has been on a virtual healing journey with their seven favorite boys as BTS embarked on a journey into the woods through their variety show ‘In the SOOP BTS ver’. Six of a total of eight episodes have aired so far and tonight we will have Ep 7.

A chapter that promises to be as fun as the previous ones. The promo for Ep 7 begins with J-Hope informing Jungkook that they are frying chicken for dinner. They then lead us into the upper house kitchen where Hobi and Kookie are joined by Jin, who reveals that he is not a fan of curry.

“No? Then we should just eat without Jin,” the Golden Maknae jokes to which J-Hope agrees as her older hyung adds, “Oh yeah, okay.” The trio ends up laughing at each other’s antics. “Don’t. I told you not to do woodcarving,” Suga yells as he crouches near the cauldron.

They don’t show who Yoongi is yelling at, but everything seems to indicate that it’s Jimin, as he was struggling to carve a desert fox in Ep 6. We then see Jin, Hobi, and Jungkook with ChimChim near the cauldron while Jin yells at them. the maknaes who clean a container while Baby Mochi laughs out loud.

J-Hope claims they are meant to be together

“It’s so much fun when the seven of us are all together,” Yoongi muses as Jungkook adds, “It doesn’t feel the same when we miss someone,” as the “Chicken Noodle Soup” performer gushes, “The seven of us are meant to be together. “.

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The next morning, it’s V who joins the trio near the cauldron and helps make the perfect soup Suga asked for. One of the members is seen in the rowboat and looks like Jimin. RM and Jungkook continue their painting adventures as Kookie points out that there is no right color for the sun.

As Namjoon jokes, “You are the answer!” In the last sequence, we see Jin yelling out loud, “I want to go home,” while RM and Taehyung look at their hyung in confusion. Everything seems to indicate that this chapter of ‘In the SOOP BTS ver’ will be full of emotions.


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