J-Hope reveals new details of the band’s new album “BE”


J-Hope revealed details on what to expect from BTS’s new album “BE” during a YouTube live stream.

It’s only been a day since BTS announced their new album “BE” and fans are already excited for the release date (November 20). However, there is still more news, as J-Hope revealed details on what to expect from the album on a YouTube live stream.

Last week, BTS delivered a “message of hope” during the 75th UN General Assembly in which members shared their difficulties during the pandemic. Although the boys felt desperate, they managed to overcome their depression using music, something J-Hope said on his broadcast.

On YouTube, J-Hope explained that during their downtime due to the novel COVID-19 coronavirus, all of the BTS members worked hard creating new songs for ARMY. Many of those songs, he said, made it onto the “BE” track list.

He went on to say that the group put a lot of their thoughts on the current pandemic situation in music and shared that they think fans will be able to relate to the songs. During the group’s speech at the United Nations, he also confessed that BTS’s upcoming album is “honest.”

J-Hope revealed new details

The “Chicken Noodle Soup” performer wanted to avoid spoilers, so he couldn’t tell ARMY too much about the songs themselves during the YouTube live stream. However, he said that “song styles you want to hear right now … from BTS” will appear on BE. ”

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Instead of telling yourself too much, I think you should just listen to the music when the time comes and feel it for yourself. That will be better, ”Hobi mentioned during the broadcast. Some of the styles that await ARMY include: jazz, soul, ballads, R&B and songs with the emotional edge of “Spring Day”.

All things considered, the rapper hopes ARMY is looking forward to the album where they have “ground (their) souls.” Regardless of what happens on November 20, fans can be sure that BTS will pour out a lot of honesty so that everyone can relate.


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