J-Hope reveals new choreography for ‘Spring Day’


The rapper and dancer surprised his fans with this fun clip.

BTS is one of the most famous groups within the TikTok platform , they accumulate more than 10 million followers and 63 million likes in their original videos that always go viral.

J-Hope shared a new video from the official BTS account on TikTok , very much in his style the idol gave a new choreography of ‘Sping Day’ to ARMY and added some effects to make his clip more incredible.

The J-Hope publication already has more than 1 million likes and 6 million views, in the comments ARMY wrote him many messages of support, wishing that the rapper take care of himself and stay healthy.

@bts_official_bighit##댄스파티 ##방방콘 ##쮀이호오오옵 ##봄날 봄 냄새가 나자낭~♡

♬ Spring Day – BTS

This video of J-Hope raised a bit of a stir, because social network users have posted it first in the official account of BTS on Twitter , subsequently deleted, do not know what the motive was.

In the last update that J-Hope had published on TikTok was to promote the song ‘Outro: Ego ‘ from the album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’ , he is seen very happy dancing and doing some poses so that his fans laugh a little .

@bts_official_bighit##딜레이스크린 ##쮀이호오오옵 바로 이거 이거 이거 ~♬ Outro : Ego – BTS


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