J-Hope reveals first spoiler for new BTS album


In the next 2 months, BTS will have a series of new releases and surprises for ARMY. The boys have already started with FESTA 2020, so they have revealed special videos, photo collection and new music to celebrate their seventh anniversary.

Recently, they announced the launch of their new documentary “BTS Music Journey”, they also gave a preview of their upcoming comeback What ?????? J-Hope is in charge of producing the music and revealed a few seconds of the album. We tell you what happened.

The idol decided to make a live broadcast via BTS’s YouTube channel, Hobi revealed that he was working on the new album, which has no release date yet, but the group is expected to make their comeback in October.

J-Hope was in front of the console, but he was so focused on the tracks that he had to check that he did not realize that he accidentally played one of the new songs, the seconds that were heard show a hip hop sound, perhaps it will be the concept that use the group, although this advance should not have been revealed, since it was all a big spoiler.

Hobi didn’t notice until someone on the staff warned her what was going on and ran back to the computer to stop the music. LOL The spoiler only raised ARMY’s expectations.

However, despite the mini advance, Hobi assured that he is doing his best for this new album, even assured that if any of his songs do not get to be chosen, he promised that he would keep them to give them his own style. Hope World 2?

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