J-Hope pissed off this BTS member with a funny joke


J-Hope is one of the members with the best vibe and funniest! A joke made this K-Pop idol uncomfortable.

J-Hope is famous among the ARMY for being one of the members of BTS with a pure and fun personality. This was evident from the time he was an unknown apprentice.

Jihoon, also known as Brightoon on Youtube Brightoon TV, used to be a BigHit Entertainment trainee and trained alongside the BTS members. Despite not belonging to the famous K-Pop group, the now youtuber has published several videos about idols. Among them, there was one time that he talked about a rather blushing joke about J-Hope.

It happened in the summer of 2011, and the now youtuber tells on his channel that when all the students took a shower after practice, getting ready to go to bed, he decided to lie down to watch some professional wrestling matches on television.

J-Hope shows his funny personality and RM gets upset

As I watched, J-Hope came out of the bathroom and stared at the television. Jihoon said that they were both naked at the time, lying on the ground watching TV.

So when Jihoon lifted his back off the floor, it sounded like flatulence. When J-Hope heard it, he laughed and immediately did the same.

They both liked to play this game for many minutes. Therefore, this noise made it difficult for RM to sleep in the next room. Jihoon and J-Hope immediately apologized to RM and assured him that they would immediately go to sleep.

However, the BTS rapper and Jihoon kept looking, but this time with other parts, like the armpits. J-Hope laughed once more when he saw that Jihoon could make a buzz with both his thighs and his calves.

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When they were laughing and joking, they made RM wake up again, asking them to be quiet. At this point, Jihoon and J-Hope stopped the game and went back to watching television silently.


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