J-Hope participated in this project before debuting with BTS


J-Hope participated in this project before debuting with BTS. The idol showed its potential through this collaboration.

During his visit to the Knowing Bros program, 2 AM’s Jo Kwon talked about his single ‘Animal’, which he released in 2012 to promote his album I’m Da One. The performances for this song were characterized by eccentric and stylish costumes that They accompanied the electro pop tune, so the idol mentioned that during that time he had to wear 19-centimeter heels to complement his outfit.

However, this was not the only curiosity that Jo Kwon shared with the members of the show about that era of promotions, he also highlighted that his song had the collaboration of Hoseok, who was still an apprentice to Big Hit.


Although J-Hope had not yet debuted , through this opportunity he was able to demonstrate his abilities for rap and the potential he possessed , so it aroused the curiosity of the audience watching this presentation.

Knowing Bros showed a small clip from the video where we see Jo Kwon and J-Hope sharing the stage, but without a doubt this mention sparked ARMY’s curiosity. See here the full video of one of the presentations they had together: