J-Hope joins the fever of being Tiktoker


J-Hope joins the fever of being Tiktoker. The idol has visited this platform more frequently than ever.

Hobi continues to have fun during the quarantine and it seems he has found on TikTok the perfect way to stay entertained from the comfort of his home. We can understand it perfectly, since there are many people who, after a few days in isolation, have given the opportunity to this social network , being hooked on the multiple opportunities for fun it offers.

J-Hope recently joined a challenge of this platform where he had to keep his eyes wide open to avoid blinking , he successfully did it and apparently this fact only left him curious to continue testing the video modalities available to record and edit in TikTok.


After that, Hobi has returned with a new activity, it is a filter that records it within multiple frames , all of them project the same image, however, some are delayed or advanced by a fraction of a second. To accompany this video, the idol used his song ‘Ego’, so inside the boxes it is shown moving to the rhythm of the music.

Probably many of her followers will want to replicate the J-Hope video , taking up the fun idea that she has given them for these days of quarantine. Keep staying safe and enjoy the videos that the boys share by following their TikTok account.