J-Hope is he really the richest member of BTS?


J-Hope is said to be the richest boy among the BTS members, but is this really the case? Here we tell you.

BTS is a K-Pop group which has broken several records for what would be expected to be millionaires but is this really the case, as well as the claim that J-Hope is the member with the most money?

Some claim that the BTS group, as a brand, is worth more than 3.8 billion dollars. But speaking specifically of J-Hope, J-Hope’s estimated net worth is the highest of the seven members of BTS.

With an estimated net worth of more than $ 12 million, J-Hope outperforms the rest of the guys by at least $ 4 million. Now, each of the BTS members receive the same salary for being part of the band, but it is their solo jobs that have given them so much money.

J-Hope increases his fortune as a solo artist
In fact, J-Hope’s solo mixtape Hope World dominated the charts around the world. Reaching position thirty-eight on the Billboard 200, J-Hope’s album was the highest Korean solo vocalist on the charts.

The other BTS guys have released their own solo work since Hope World’s debut. However, J-Hope’s album is still BTS’s most profitable solo project, and the reason why J-Hope is richer than the other members.

Wealth from the other BTS
Regardless of participating in K-dramas or releasing their own mixtapes, the rest of the BTS members have an estimated $ 8 million in their personal accounts, making J-Hope’s individual hits the richest member of BTS.

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