J-Hope is excluded from the official BTS VCR


ARMY is currently posting messages for the idol company to fix the error. ARMY noted that J-Hope does not appear on the official VCR for the ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’ album.

BTS idols are enjoying the success of Japanese record material ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, V, Suga, J-Hope and RM have had live performances of their singles like ‘ Stay Gold ‘and’ Your Eyes Tell ‘.


As part of their activities, BTS idols present a VCR video , which is an introduction that serves to fill the atmosphere with good energy and to let fans know that the show is about to kick off.

On this occasion, ARMY noticed that J-Hope does not appear in the VCR video for ‘Map of the Soul: 7 The Journey’, in the official clip only appear: J imin, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga and V, at the end is a group photo of BTS .

Bangtan Boys fans expressed their feelings over the lack of Hoseok’s image on the VCR of the showcase in Japan , commenting that the company’s mistake can be fixed soon by including J-Hope in the clip.

Netizens are e-mailing Big Hit Entertainment in different languages ​​such as English, Japanese, and Korean, to correct the lack of J-Hope and add the rapper’s photo to the VCR video .

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Some fan messages say:

Dear @ BigHitEnt in the VCR of the showcase online BTS is not J- Hope , please check this, take appropriate follow – up measures never to make the same mistake.

Social networking ARMY is publishing messages of love and support to the idol, hoping that Big Hit Entertainment take action on the issue of VCR and again not forgetting to any member within the promotions of BTS .

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