J-Hope, His History Of Girlfriends, Dating And Love Rumors


Although J-Hope doesn’t talk about her love life, we know that her heart has a right to find her other half.

Does J-Hope have a girlfriend? Surely just thinking about it, your heart stopped for a moment, although there are more and more fans who recognize the freedom of idols to enjoy all areas of their lives, the topic of dating is still a sensitive topic for some.

The boys of BTS have shared many things with their followers and have become an open book due to the trust they have in their fans, who have shown their loyal support.

However, we don’t know much about their love lives. Sometimes the members of the group comment on their past romances or what they are looking for in a girl, but despite this, some data have come to light throughout their career.

Read on and find out about J-Hope’s dating history, who she’s dating, if she’s been linked to a celebrity, and much more.



In an episode of Rookie King, J-Hope announced that she would be performing the song Solo, an original Dynamic Duo tune. Before this performance, the idol confessed that this melody reminded him of an ex-girlfriend, as he listened to it long after they separated.

J-Hope’s love story with that girl happened when he was in high school, however, this romance did not have a happy ending because she left him for another boy. NOOOO!
J-Hope has stayed away from scandals and, that includes those that refer to her love life, it is not easy for Hobi to be linked with any idol because it is not known that she is close to any of them.

However, after the launch of EGO, different photographs were released announcing that J-Hope had been captured with a girl, which could indicate that they were dating.

Actually, the guy in the released photos was not J-Hope, but this was a fan-devised advertising tactic to get his video clip to get more hits out of curiosity. LOL!



A series of rumors began to spread after the leaking of photos of J-Hope with a girl. The ARMYs noticed that this had probably been started by a new fan and they had to clarify that the girl next to Hobi is nothing more and nothing less than her sister.

While that was happening, many began to wonder if J-Hope had actually started dating someone, doubts that were answered once the alleged photos were released.

Likewise, there is talk that J-Hope has been in love with fans due to the way he looks at them when they are at a fansing or other events, however, J-Hope has always said that he loves ARMY very much for all the support and love they show them, so the idol just tries to show his appreciation to those who have been by his side during this time.



According to J-Hope, the girls he is drawn to should be people who care about others, plus he would like them to have an interest in books and cooking so that they can share those activities.

He would like to meet a person who always shows his support and affection, but also his tenderness. Mainly I would choose a girl with whom he feels very comfortable, who can talk about anything and have relaxed days.

Another idol who points out that his ideal girl should have cooking skills is Jungkook, find out about that and more details in his dating and love history.


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