J-Hope has a meal out with the music producer


J-Hope surprised his fans by giving himself a moment of relaxation, but he did it accompanied by music producer Bang PD.

BTS’s comeback is so close that the members are quite busy, so to take some stress out, J-Hope decided that the best way to achieve it is with a meal, so the artist accompanied by the music producer, Bang PD met at a fancy restaurant to enjoy his company.

J-Hope and Bang PD went out together, they both went to eat at a fancy restaurant where the rapper from ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ and the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment had a great time.

This moment was shared on BTS’s official Twitter account, Jung Ho Seok, J-Hope’s real name, shared some details of his meeting with Bang PD, the K-pop idol by posting a 17-second video where he President of Big Hit looks very interested in the preparation that a chef is doing.

J-Hope relaxed during his outing

In the video posted on Twitter, J-Hope’s laughter is the protagonist of the clip, the Golden hyung can be heard quite funny while recording his boss’s reaction, they both looked very comfortable and relaxed.

After the publication of the BTS member, originally from the city of Gwangju in South Korea, ARMY’s reaction was immediate, and up to the time of the edition of Somagnews, it has already reached 4.1 million views.

While the comments exceed 97.3 thousand, which were full of love for the singer, as well as praise for the relationship between Hoseok and Bang Shi Hyuk, many netizens believe that the secret of their friendship is that their dynamic is not only of boss and employee.

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