J-Hope: Girls, dating and romance, what you need to know


Although it breaks our hearts this is the reality of J-Hope and everything that has to do with girls, dating, love affairs and romance.

The boys of BTS are characterized by being too open with their group of fans, ARMY, but regarding their love life very little is known, however they have spoken about their past and the relationships they have established. Now, although it is a bit difficult to accept, in The Truth News, we will bring you all the information regarding J-Hope.

BTS is a K-Pop group made up of seven boys, that is why one of the questions they usually answer is about their personal life, as is the case with girlfriends, which is why sometimes the members of the group comment about of their past romances or what they are looking for in a girl.

For example, J-Hope revealed something very interesting to us when he talked about a song with the original Dynamic Duo melody he confessed that he reminded him of an ex-girlfriend, as he listened to her long after they broke up.

J-Hope and his ex-girlfriend

Hobi said that that relationship occurred when she was in high school, however, this romance did not have a happy ending because she left him for another boy.

Now, since his debut, the BTS rapper has stayed away from scandals and, that includes those that refer to his love life, but after the launch of EGO, different photographs were released announcing that J-Hope had been caught with a girl, which could indicate they were dating.

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But after an exhaustive investigation it turned out that said boy was not J-Hope, but this was a publicity tactic devised by fans so that the video clip of him would get more views because of curiosity.

J-Hope’s ideal type of girl

According to J-Hope, the girls she is attracted to must be people who care about others, and she would like them to have an interest in books and cooking, so that they could share those activities.

She would like to meet a person who always shows her support and affection, but also her tenderness. He would mainly choose a girl with whom he feels very comfortable, who can talk about anything and have relaxed days.


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