J-Hope has its own galaxy thanks to ARMY


See the original gift that the followers of the idol gave to Hoseok.

Yesterday was the birthday of J-Hope, Army was responsible for filling it with flattery and messages of support so that the idol feel the warmth of the affection of his thousands of followers .

For the fans no gift will be enough to please and celebrate the birth of their favorite artist , BTS has taught the world that there are no barriers or distances that matter when you love what you do.

Because they demonstrated a fanbase of Turkey has decided to give her an original gift to Hoseok for his birthday .

BTS YOUniverse TN changed the name of the galaxy ‘ NGC 55 ‘ to ‘ Hope World ‘.

In the certificate of acquisition of rights you can read:

“NGC 55 in the constellation Sculptor.

Now Galaxy Hope World

On behalf of BTS YOUniverse TN and ARMY in Tunisia. Happy birthday Jung Hoseok .

Thank you very much for being our hope and for giving us a reason to wait for the next few days.”

J-Hope now owns: GALAXY HOPE WORLD .

The ‘ NGC 55 ‘, now ‘ Hope World ‘, is a spiral-shaped galaxy and is besieged more than 6.5 million light years away in the Sculptor constellation, is considered one of the closest galaxies to a local group of many others, which also include the Milky Way.

You can see the certificate here …

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