J-Hope From BTS Reveals Details About His Documentary “J-Hope In The Box”: Release Date, Content and More!


It has been confirmed that BTS’ J-Hope will star in his own documentary, “Jay-Hope in a Box.”

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J-Hope from BTS reveals details about his documentary “J-Hope In The Box”: release date, content and more!

On January 20, J-Hope announced that he will release a documentary called “J-Hope in the Box”, where he will play the main role. A poster of a documentary film was released in which J-Hope soars from a height.

Look at the poster below!

BTS J-Hope's

The documentary will tell about the behind-the-scenes work of J-Hope on his first solo album, as well as tell about the 200-day journey of J-Hope dedicated to his activities.

It will also include an audition party where J-Hope meets with other K-pop idols before the release of his album “Jack In The Box”.

The party was attended by various stars, among whom were such famous names as Zico, Jesse, Hyun, ASTRO, Cha Eun-woo, Sonmi and many others!

In addition to making music, ARMY will also witness his preparation for the performance of “Lollapalooza” in Chicago, USA.

The premiere of “J-Hope In the Box” will take place on Weverse and Disney+ on February 17 at 17:00. KST.

BTS’ J-Hope Responds to Possible Solo World Tour Live

From other news, J-Hope answered a fan’s question about a solo world tour during a live broadcast.

On July 8, J-Hope initiated the Naver V Live broadcast to contact the ARMY, as well as answer questions about his first studio album “Jack In The Box”.

During the performance, J-Hope’s attention was attracted by a fan’s question, in which he asked if Jay-Hope was planning a solo world tour in the future. In response, J-Hope replied that the world tour might be too much at the moment, as he is now prioritizing his performance at Lollapalooza.

J-Hope also explained that as soon as he becomes more of an artist, then he will definitely prepare a solo world tour for ARMY!

“I don’t think I can handle this [solo world tour]. Lollapalooza was just new and already a big problem for me. Maybe I’ll be able to think about something like that when I become a more mature artist.”

On July 31, J-Hope performed at the Lollapalooza event as one of the headliners. This performance also marked his solo concert debut, which made 2022 worthwhile for the performer.

According to TickPick, the ticket agent, Sunday tickets to the music festival were the most in demand.

On Twitter , the Lollapalooza organizer stated:

“In 31 years, no artist has sold as many tickets as J-Hope.”

In total, J-Hope’s performance contained 21 songs, some of which were from his debut solo album “Jack in the Box”. The setlist includes tracks such as “MORE”, “ARSON”, “Equal Sign”, “Pandora’s Box”, “Daydream”, “Hope World” and others.

In addition, J-Hope also presented the audience with a tropical remix of BTS’s “Dynamite” and a stage performance with Becky G, where they performed the 2019 hit single “Chicken Noodle Soup”.

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