J-Hope From BTS Attracted Attention With His Charming Reaction After Seeing Today From THE SSERAFIM


On January 7, the 37th Golden Disc Awards ceremony was held, attended by J-Hope from BTS and LE SSERAFIM.

J-Hope has also received various awards, including the grand prize “Album of the Year” on behalf of his band BTS.

But that day, something else caught the attention of the fans. Indeed, Jay-Hope’s interaction with his juniors LE SSERAFIM caused a violent reaction.

In particular, netizens were amazed by a popular clip in which the youngest member of LE SSERAFIM, Unche, sits next to J-Hope.

Two sincere performers greeted each other with wide smiles, creating a healthy interaction. Korean netizens noticed the expression on J-Hope’s face when he saw Hong Yungche from THE SSERAFIM greeting him. They were touched by the sweet communication between the two idols.

Netizens hilariously described J-Hope’s face as “the expression you make when you see cute kids and animals!” With their 12-year age difference, J-Hope’s warm attitude towards his younger artist is adorable.

Other netizens shared their reaction in the popular online community theqoo and wrote:

  • “It’s so cute and funny”
  • “He has a facial expression like when you say hello to a child”
  • “It’s so cute”
  • “I love J-Hope”,
  • “J-Hope really looks like a very good adult in this video”,
  • “I have the same face when I see children”
  • “I I do it when I greet the kids on the street when their mom isn’t looking, lol”
  • “This is the face I make when I see puppies on the street, lol”
  • “It’s fun”
  • — You’re both so cute. “

We love this kind of communication!


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