J-Hope falls in love with ARMY in “Dynamite” photoshoot


J-Hope falls in love with ARMY with his retro look, the idol shared new photos of “Dynamite”. BTS continues to promote their new English single, which already features different versions of the song, MV B-Side, and acoustic, instrumental, and EDM remix versions, in order to push their message to ARMY in various ways. The Bangtan boys had a lot of fun filming this video, so the idol decided to share some unpublished photos.


Through BTS’s Twitter account, J-Hope sent ARMY a message to ask if they enjoyed version B of “Dynamite,” a video that shows the funniest side of K-pop idols. The BigHit star also shared a new selfie where he wears the outfit he filmed the MV with.

J-Hope wore his yellow glasses and made a gesture with his lips to simulate a kiss, as he wished the fandom good night and accompanied his message with a kissing emoji, making the ARMY fall in love with his kind and affectionate personality, something that has characterized him and that earned him the nickname “solcito.”

The idol continued with his updates and showed his most attractive side on Weverse, where he posted a different photo. In the picture, Hoseok poses from the set of “Dynamite”, but he stole all the hearts of the ARMY with that look, because like a badboy, he wears a red leather jacket and shows a serious and flirtatious face.

On social media, ARMY shared several messages praising the beauty of the idol, who is known for taking great care of his skin and having a great skin care habit. Hobi also fell in love with them in the MV, as him image was explosive and with an attractive aura. The posts quickly went viral.

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On Twitter, the photo has already got more than 300 retweets and almost a million likes. The retro style completely conquered J-Hope, as he took many selfies with the look of “Dynamite”, you too can copy the fashion of the 90 with these outfits inspired by BTS and their new comeback.


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