J-Hope displays his Map Of The Soul ON: E tattoos


BTS fans were surprised when they enjoyed the group’s online concert and saw J-Hope with tattoos for the first time.

The Map Of The Soul ON: E experience has already begun and fans of the idol group from Big Hit Entertainment enjoyed a wonderful show full of special moments alongside their favorite artists. However, during the performance there were some details that caught the attention of ARMY, among them were J-Hope’s tattoos.

The online concert showed us various outfits that the singers wore to accompany their melodies, but when it was ON’s turn, the excitement of the fans increased when they noticed the way Hobi looked.

The idol wore an outfit with items of clothing in black, including an open front vest that allowed us to see J-Hope with his arms uncovered. To complement his look, the singer wore a sleeve-shaped accessory on one of his arms that was made up of figures that pretended to be a chain of gold and black bracelets.

The firm and confident gaze of the Bangtan Sonyeondan rapper accompanied the atmosphere of his performance, but what caught the most attention were the strokes on his skin.


In this presentation of the Map Of The Soul ON: E concert, we were able to enjoy several of the K-Pop group’s greatest hits, but the curiosity of the fans was aroused after seeing some marks on J-Hope’s arm.

These are some tattoos with words that seem to come from Latin, these black strokes stole the attention of ARMY and during the transmission doubts about them began.

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Hobi did use these strokes on the show and, although they are probably temporary tattoos that he only used to complement his look, we cannot deny that they look incredible on his.

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