J-Hope Creates An Exclusive Bracelet For ARMY


The meaning of a bracelet is very special, Hobi decided to customize one for ARMY.

J-Hope decided to use crafts to create an exclusive bracelet for ARMY and show her love and togetherness.


BTS continues with the preparations for their next comeback, as well as the premiere of “BTS Music Journey” and the release of their album “Map of the soul 7: The Jounery”, but they have had free time and the idol decided to take advantage of it to live with his fans.


Through VLive, Hoseok made a live broadcast where he took out his bead collection and the materials necessary to recreate the accessories that he has given to his companions too: bracelets.

The idol takes his work seriously, since he dedicated himself to looking for basins of the purple color, a tone that represents the fandom and the love that exists between them and the group. I also look for happy faces with the intention that it would be a cute accessory.


Another of the details was the letters that formed the word ARMY and BTS from one end to the other, he also added a purple bear. At the end, the bracelet had a design with 2 species of flowers. The idol decided to use it himself, as he does not know if he will give it away at some point, although BigHit could copy his design and launch them for sale, such as his necklaces collection.

ARMY shared their happiness and gratitude for Hobi, as they assure that he is very attentive to them, in addition, he also published a photo on the group’s Twitter account to show off his gift.

It is not the first time that Hobi creates bracelets, this gift is said to be a representation of respect. It is a gift that has been made since ancient times and although before it represented power and wealth, it is also a way of giving love and symbolizing memory.

Wearing a bracelet on your wrist is a way to have a connection with the stars, according to past beliefs.

The bracelets are also a gift between couples, has Hobi ever given one to someone special? He knows his dating history and rumors that he has had during his time as a student, pre debut and idols with whom he has been related.


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