J-Hope conquers the heart of ARMY with these photos


BTS’s J-Hope shared some selfies on Weverse, ARMY was excited for the idol update. Hoseok of BTS published 3 new photos through the official platform Weverse .

Each of the interactions that the BTS boys have with their fans goes viral, fans of Big Hit Entertainment idols always show their love and fidelity with likes, comments and reposts.

The impact of the K-pop group is so great that the names of its members are the most searched for topics on the Internet, the personalities and talents of the 7 boys of BTS are incredible.


Today, J-Hope of the Bangtan Boys filled AMRY with joy by updating with 3 new photos of him on the Weverse platform , the ‘EGO’ rapper uploaded the images to the ‘moments’ section, thrilling users.

In the first selfie , J-Hope posed a lot of fun sending a kiss for the camera, the fans sent more than 20 thousand comments to the idol, in the second photograph Jung Hoseok appears looking sideways and in the third he gave a smile to ARMY .

Hobi took the time to interact with fans, as one girl posted the photos Taehyung , Jungkook, and J-Hope shared in the past 24 hours, and the ‘1 Verse’ rapper replied to the post, writing:

Oh my It seems that I have become more handsome because I am among these photos


The mention ‘ Hobi ‘ became a trend on social networks, ARMY expressed his happiness when seeing the photos of Jung Hoseok , the followers of the Bangtan Boys member shared their photos and talked about the good energy that the idol emanates.

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BTS’s J-Hope is a well-loved artist in fandom, thanks to the fact that he has always shown his camaraderie, delivery on stage and professionalism. What do you think of the new selfies of Hoseok ?


Recently YouTuber Hayoon, or better known as ‘Watta TV’ took her followers from all over the world to see the J-Hope mural, the work inspired by the BTS idol is located in her hometown.


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