J-Hope buys a KAWS figure for a good cause


J-Hope buys a KAWS figure for a good cause. Hobi joined donations from the anti-racist movement. J-Hope acquires a collectible figure from artist KAWS for a good cause.

BTS has spearheaded a couple of UNICEF campaigns in favor of youth, one of them is “Love Yourself” and END Violence that fights against bullying and seeks to inspire self-love in others, but also solidarity with other causes such as anti-racist movements.

Through BTS’s Twitter account , J-Hope shared a series of photos where he reveals his new acquisition: a figure similar to the Elmo character, in black and holding what looks like a teddy bear.

More than a collector’s item , Hobi purchased this work, by artist Brian Donnelly , to help raise funds for the Black Lives Matter movement , whose organizations like ‘Color of Change’ will receive approximately $250,000.

Hobi joined the “Take” initiative offered by KAWS through its collection of toys in the face of the wave of criticism, marches and requests to eradicate the racism that ended the life of George Floyd.

The idol also purchased a kettle designed by the author, which he also posted on Twitter with a thank-you message to the artist: ” Thank you, KAWS.” It is not the first time that J-Hope joins a donation.

On previous occasions, fans have stated that the idol has funded some scholarships for women, it also supports cancer patients. Hobi released his figure only in order to demonstrate his support for the importance of people of color.

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On social media, ARMY showed its support and congratulations to J-Hope for his action.

BTS also demonstrated its support for Black Lives Matter by donating $1 million to fund the fight to eradicate racism in the United States, a campaign that has claimed the lives of people due to police violence against blacks.


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