J-Hope Bracelets Continue to Gain Popularity


The accessories that J-Hope made inspired by ARMY and BTS are now used by many of his fans. J-Hope created accessories for BTS and ARMY without knowing that they would become a trend.

A while back, J-Hope held some live streams where she showed fans how she crafted bracelets designed especially for her BTS peers. This was a way of keeping in touch with her followers due to the beginning of the coronavirus emergence in the world.

Since this activity took longer than expected, Hoseok presented the designs through different lives, even making a special bracelet for ARMY.

Fans of the group immediately showed interest in the bracelet created by this idol and, although the item was not offered for sale, more than one tried to create their own replica inspired by the work of J-Hope.


Recently, Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano shared in her Instagram stories that, like many BTS fans, she wanted to have her own ARMY bracelet, as she published a photo of her arm and that of two other people using this article.

Also, one of the people in this image is wearing shoes with the image of Tata, the BT21 character created by V.

In this post, Liza thanked the Instagram account that sent them the bracelets and, according to Rhi, one of the people tagged in this story, they also sent them some photocards and lanyards.

A new track of BTS’s comeback was recently released on the Smeraldo Books account, find out what it’s all about by clicking here.

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