J-Hope betrayed Jin in a game


Did it break Jin’s heart? The idol wants to make him the law of ice. BTS continues to share various messages to encourage ARMY in these difficult times.

Between online concerts, messages and advice, fans have fun and interact with the boys, they also know their feelings and the betrayals between them. Although it is all a joke, Jin does not agree with this.

Through Weverse, J-Hope shared who their soulmates were , according to the test that Hobi, Jungkook, and Taehyung answered with those special people who are compatible with their soul.

However, Jin expected to be one of his darlings and replied to his comment, “Don’t talk to me from now on.”

J-Hope is characterized by being the friendliest and most affectionate member of all, the idol is usually the support and love for all of them, so Jin wanted to be his soulmate.

Without a doubt, their joke shows that they are all really united and just want to be each other’s favorite.


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