J-Hope becomes the king of selfies in front of the mirror


BTS’s J-Hope once again becomes the king of selfies, the idol surprised ARMY with new photos. The K-pop group BigHit continues to plan the release of their album “BE”, October is almost over and in the coming weeks they will start promoting their new comeback through various teasers. After ending the promotion of “Dynamite”, the boys take advantage of their free time to capture various moments of their routine, such as J-Hope.

Through the official social networks of BTS, J-Hope decided to share a couple of new selfies to make the ARMY fall in love, the idol received more than a million likes on Twitter and more than 400 thousand RT shortly after making his publication, He also recreated one of his favorite poses in photography: posing in front of the mirror.

It is known that J-Hope has posted several photos in the past and in the same pose, in which the cell phone model he carries with him at that time can also be seen. The idol accompanied his tweet with the message “Esperanza Mint”, referring to the color of his phone protector.


The idol once again recreated his favorite concept to take photos, J-Hope wore an outfit consisting of a navy blue corduroy jacket, a black shirt and dark sports pants, in addition to wearing some necklaces, over his hair, the singer of Bangtan preferred to wear a natural style, currently he wears it dyed black.

J-Hope’s style to capture his selfies is to stand in a large mirror, preferably full body, not to use a selfie stick and to hold the cell phone with his hand at the level of his face, sometimes he covers his face and look directly at the cell phone screen, letting your outfit stand out more in the image.

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Apparently, the idol was in a kind of dressing room and decided to take the opportunity to capture his incredible look from that day, ARMY shared other photos to show that he is the King of selfies in front of the mirror.

The guys from BTS have great abilities, but thanks to their kind of intelligence they excel in certain areas.


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