J-Hope becomes Cinderella in front of fans


Cinderella’s image will change for ARMY now that J-Hope is fighting for that title. J-Hope has been credited with different titles within the BTS fandom thanks to its qualities and its unique charisma, but, now it will be Cinderella?

BTS’s interactions on Weverse always manage to give us good times, whether idol group members share their day-to-day life, any thoughts, musical suggestions, or even fun comments on fan posts.

It was on this platform that a BTS fan shared some gifs with a common event. The first of them shows us an energetic choreography where the members move on stage demonstrating their skills. But suddenly, we see J-Hope carry on with just one tennis, WHAT?

J-Hope has repeatedly lost one of him shoes while the idol is caught on camera, so the girl who posted this series of gifs also added a funny comment.

Surprisingly, Suga appeared to reinforce this fan’s creativity and joke about him partner.

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