J-Hope “baby” and more fans of BTS member should know


A photograph of J-Hope when he was still a “baby” captivates ARMY. These know of their time before BTS and fan more.

As is natural, each of the members of BTS before being part of the most famous South Korean group of the moment, had a fairly normal life, so in La Verdad Noticias we will talk about one, J-Hope, and what he did before being an idol.

To start, we want you to know that Jung Ho Seok is J-Hope’s real name, and if you are starting to fall in love with this artist, we leave you the basics you need to know about him.

You should also keep in mind that he has several nicknames such as Hobi, Hope, J-dope, Golden hyung, Sunshine, Jay. Within BTS he is a rapper, dancer, singer, songwriter, model. He was born on February 18, 1994 so he is 26 years old and his zodiac sign is Aquarius, in the Chinese zodiac, he is dog.

Facts every J-Hope fan should know

A while ago a photograph of J-Hope was released where he looks quite cute. Sure, he was a literal kid.

But among the most advanced data that a fan of J-Hope should know is his stage name “J-Hope”, it is formed by combining the J of his last name Jung with the word hope.

In this regard, the BTS singer and dancer was inspired by the Greek mythology story of Pandora’s Box, where hope was all that was left after the box was opened, releasing many different evil things in the world.

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He used the word “hope” in his stage name because he wanted to be a hopeful presence for both the group and their fans, and he also added the “J” as it is the first letter of his real name.

He also performed as a street dancer in his hometown of Gwangju and attended the Gwangju Academy of Music, which was attended by celebrities like TVXQ’s Yunho and 2NE1’s Minzy as well.

But before dreaming of becoming a professional singer or dancer, J-Hope even considered becoming a tennis player when she was an elementary school student, as this is one of the sports she is most passionate about.


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