J-Hope and V have trouble adjusting to skates


The boys of BTS closed their special week of performances on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ with a performance of ‘Dynamite’, the idols wore skates for their show, but J-Hope and V had some difficulty sliding on the track.

The Bangtan Boys spent a week appearing on ‘The Tonight Show’, a program hosted by Jimmy Fallon, the singers and rappers performed their most successful and famous songs.

On the last day of BTS Week, the artists presented ‘Dynamite’, a song with a retro, youthful and fun style that was released in August and represents a great project for the company band Big Hit Entertainment.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope, V, Suga and RM decided to give their fans an unforgettable and different show, presenting ‘Dynamite’ on a large skating rink, but some of the members of the group had difficulties with their skates .


At the end of the ‘Dynamite’ show, the boys showed off their skills in skating and an excerpt from the video shows how the 7 idols are lined up on the illuminated and colorful skating rink. Some members of the group had complications with their skates.

V and J-Hope gave it their all, but they struggled with their skates and couldn’t glide as smoothly on the track. In some videos it is seen how Kim Taehyung makes the effort to move with his skates and falls, behind him came Jungkook and his partner helped him not to visit the ground again.

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Another colleague who helped V control his skates was Jimin, who held him all over the rink to make him hurt more.

J-Hope is an experienced dancer who knows how to control his body, but skates may not be his strong suit. Hoseok was trying to master the art of skating but he slipped and nearly fell, Jin came to rescue him and helped him to his feet.


Meanwhile, RM and Jimin looked like professionals on the track, they moved about the place, they always supported their teammates with some tips to stay on their feet and enjoy the skates.

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