J-Hope and his Amazing past, he was always a STAR!


What was J-Hope’s life before he was the star of BTS?

While BTS’s J-Hope may be best known for his musical work with BTS (most recently their No. 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit, “Dynamite”), he has been active in the entertainment industry for much longer than he has. many newer ARMYs take notice. as in, long before Bangtan was even a thing.

In 2020, J-Hope is one of the most recognized musicians in the world, but some people in the ARMY fandom often wonder: What did J-Hope do before BTS?

What did J-Hope do before BTS?

Well, BTS is so dedicated to their fanbase and their work as a group that they rarely go into too much detail about their past.

So when they do, the fans record every word in their memory.

As for J-Hope, he first debuted with BTS in 2013, but his dance career didn’t start there. Here’s what we know about J-Hope’s life pre-debut.

Where did BTS’s J-Hope grow up?
J-Hope was born as Jung Ho-seok on February 18, 1994 in Ilgok-dong, Gwangju, South Korea. When he was kindergarten age, he attended an arts school in his hometown, but revealed that it wasn’t because he was particularly interested in attending school.

“I probably only went there because it was close to my house,” he revealed in BTS’s Japanese Fanclub Official Magazine in 2013.

What were BT’s J-Hope’s hobbies?

In addition to his talent and training in music and dance, J-Hope had another athletic hobby. He was also a pretty good tennis player in his youth.

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In fact, he stumbled upon the talent by accident when he ended up winning a bronze metal in a national tennis competition.

“I started [playing tennis] in [fourth or sixth] grade,” J-Hope explained during an interview with TV Report in July 2013, according to a translation from the MilkTae_JPG Twitter account. “It’s funny how I started playing … my teacher asked, ‘Who wants to play tennis?’ and I was stretching with both arms raised at the time and he thought I wanted to join tennis so I joined. ”

How did BTS’s J-Hope train?

As a child, the BTS star attended classes at the Gwangju Academy of Music, which is the same place where TVXQ’s Yunho, Big Bang’s Seungri, and 2NE1’s Minzy trained, according to an interview from the Official Japanese Fanclub Magazine. 2013. J-Hope later became part of the Neuron underground dance team, the Korean Herald reported in February 2019.

As J-Hope pursued her passions, he received a lot of support from her mother, something that he later sang about during her 2016 solo song “MAMA.”

On the track, J-Hope says his mother helped “float the little boat” by constantly supporting his dreams.


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