J-Hope: an anecdote Staff changes name


One of the rappers of BTS, J-Hope has revealed an anecdote in which a member of the Staff changed his name, here we tell you the details.

J-Hope had a bit of a strange moment while promoting BTS’s music, all because of a mistake, which he says was quite funny about it.

To get into context we tell you: Weverse gives funny moments from the members of BTS to their fans.

This platform has recommendations, photographs and warm greetings from the BTS members, although it is still a place where the boys of Bangtan Sonyeondan reveal some funny episodes of their lives and the one who has surprised with a curious story was J-Hope.

In this APP, the Big Hit Entertainment singers have interacted with several lucky fans, but before the great ARMY community there are still many who are waiting to be noticed by the boys, well, this is what gave way to the story starring Hobi.

J-Hope’s name change, how did it happen?

It all started when a fan of the group left a post saying that she had the dream of interacting with the members of BTS, especially with J-Hope, what she did not know is that the BTS rapper saw this post and responded to her.

In response to this girl’s message, the Ego interpreter shared a funny story of what he keeps as one of his funniest first experiences, which occurred when he was a guest on South Korean programs, on one occasion, the staff changed him his J-Hope name for a fake one.

J-Hope said that after his debut, they were on a station and a member of staff approached him to take his microphone, this person read his name so fast that he mistakenly thought his name was Jacob instead of J-Hope, so she called him that way while addressing him.

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Without a doubt, this J-Hope fan will have been very excited and happy when she realized that it was to her that the South Korean artist revealed part of his life. How lucky! But if you like this type of note, be sure to keep an eye on La Verdad Noticias since day by day we have more information on your favorite artists.


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