J-Hope After Watching I-LAND Final BTS


Knowing the experience of the I-LAND winners made J-Hope remember his debut alongside BTS. The members of BTS were some of the stars invited to the finale of Mnet’s survival show under the name I-LAND, although this was a very special event, Hobi couldn’t help but recall the feelings he experienced when he too was preparing to debut. in a K-Pop group.

The path of an idol is never easy, but there are moments that mark stages of their lives as they pursue the dream of becoming music stars. The debut is undoubtedly one of those iconic moments that remain etched in their memory, but perhaps it is not always present.

When the Bangtan Sonyeondan members witnessed the latest episode of I-LAND, they were able to witness the experience of guys who are pursuing the goals that they once had, so it was inevitable that some of them would take a look back at the past.

This was expressed by J-Hope, who shared a message through BTS’s Twitter account expressing how this event made him feel.

But in addition, Hoseok recognized the important role that ARMY has played all this time for the success of his career:

They all worked very hard. Congratulations!
It reminds me of the day of our debut haha
You know it was because of you, right ARMY?
I love you, sleep well

J-Hope’s message was accompanied by some photos in selfie format with which the idol showed a bit of the outfit he wore in the I-LAND broadcast.

Do you already know ENHYPEN? We tell you who the winners of I-LAND are who will debut in a new idol group.

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