J-Hope: 5 times he showed his most serious side


J-Hope is known for being one of the brightest BTS idols, but there are also occasions when he comes across quite serious. Here are some.

How you must have already realized in Somagnews we are fans of BTS so we bring you details, curious, interesting and important of each member of the group. This time it will be no different, we present you the five most serious moments of J-Hope.

There are many occasions in which Hobi has shown the ease of changing his attitude towards a more calm and observant way of adapting to the situation in which he is living, for example, during the recording of a video or while teaching someone a new He passed.

The wonderful thing about this is that he knows how to differentiate these aspects, because shortly after becoming the sun of ARMY, the idol of BTS is once again that happy child that complements his fun personality, brightening the day of those around him.

J-Hope’s serious moments

When You Don’t Give Your Best: Hobi is a very perfectionist in the area of ​​dance, when he addressed the reallity ‘Under Ninteen’ to supervise how the contestants were shaping their performance with ‘Fake Love’, he showed a very serious gesture in his face.

When you are honest with the fans: J-Hope is one of the approaches that more idols have their fans, when talking about projects of something very important or taking the time to explain and ARMY understands what you mean.

In virtual reality games: J-Hope likes games a lot, but this time they suffered because apart from being serious the idol was very scared by the roller coaster ride that made the most fun was his fellow BTS.

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When they won’t let him rest: During a Bangtan bombshell, Hobi showed his serious side when Jimin and Taehyung were doing some mischief.

When he records something important for the group: J-Hope’s professional attitude immediately seems that BTS has to do a presentation or some rehearsal, giving all the support to their colleagues in any doubts or problems they have with the choreography, but always very serious and dedicated.


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