J Balvin revealed he had a severe depression attack


The musician J Balvin alarmed his followers on Instagram after revealing that he is going through a severe crisis of anxiety and depression.

After several days of absence from his social networks, J Balvin alarmed his followers on his Instagram after revealing that he is going through a severe crisis of anxiety and depression; ailments that have kept him a bit distant.

Let us remember that J Balvin has established himself as one of the most popular and successful artists in the music industry, whose songs have conquered hundreds of people around the world.

However, success and fame are not always synonymous with happiness, and on the contrary, several celebrities have shown that the artistic environment often plunges them into loneliness, vices and depression.

J Balvin suffers a crisis of depression and anxiety

Through the stories of his Instagram account, J Balvin spoke about his mental health, noting that like anyone, he also faces certain challenges, which many times lead him to plunge into depression.


It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that the reggaeton artist talks about his emotional health, which was reflected in his latest album “Colores”; where he just talked about the different emotions.

“I don’t like acting, or pretending to be happy or that everything is perfect. I am also a fragile and vulnerable human being, perhaps more than some of you ”.

They were part of J Balvin’s statements regarding his anxiety and depression crisis, which kept him absent from his social networks, promising that he will return very soon with a more animated attitude as he has characterized.

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Let us remember that a few weeks ago, the reggaeton was among the headlines of La Verdad Noticias after learning of his collaboration with the famous fast food company McDonald’s, where a special combo was created in his name.


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