IVE’s Jang Won Young And Leeseo Slammed For Playback Performance At Gayo Daejejeon 2022


On the occasion of Gayo Daejejeon 2022 MBC, which took place on December 31, we were treated to unique performances to celebrate the end of the year.

One of the performances that attracted attention was a cover version of the song IU “Strawberry Moon” by Wonen and Liso from IVE.

A video of the performance was later posted on MBC’s YouTube channel, which caused a lot of comments.

However, the performance of the girls from IVE caused criticism. First, netizens criticized that they “definitely engaged in playback” while sitting.

  • “So they don’t want to be singers. They just want to sit like dolls.”
  • “I wonder if the two of them are so busy and exhausted that they can’t even sing a single track live…? Because, whatever the excuses, singers should sing on stage. And these idols are also singers. It’s a little disappointing. “
  • “Obviously, reproduction. I wonder if it doesn’t bother them at all? I would understand if their vocal cords were damaged and they’re just not in good shape. But for the singers to go on stage, sit down and behave as if they were singing? How acceptable is this? “
  • “I can’t believe I’ve won daesan though… It’s a shame.”
  • “The participants absolutely must be humiliated. Playback? To be honest, they don’t even seem to want to make an effort to make it look like the real thing. Is that all it takes to become a singer? Just to look beautiful on stage?
  • “But the criticism didn’t stop there. Some netizens have noted that Starship Entertainment (IVE agency) “recycles” the sound that was recorded 5 months ago.

Fans insisted that this made “insincere” not only the band, but also the agency.

The fan explained, showing two videos: “It’s not that [fans] are looking for a reason to hate the participants, but that they want to know if there was no other way for the performance to take place. »

In general, netizens and fans expressed disappointment at the lack of attention from the band and the agency to show high-quality performances.

  • “People understand idols’ cover versions better at these festivals at the end of the year because there are three radio stations. Idols usually have to perform their own songs, sometimes in a different arrangement. They have covers, collaborations and more. Therefore, the amount of time and effort required in such a short time is taken into account. But this service…? This is not a cover. In fact, this is a replay of their video from five months ago.”
  • “Some idols arrange special performances and bring their choreography to perfection after touring all over the world all this time… Nevertheless, they half do a cover performance, how is it, lip-syncing while sitting? “
  • “This is the worst… I feel like Starship Entertainment pushed this through because they can. It is impossible to ignore how unprepared the participants were. And I refuse to believe that there was no time to prepare. They had time. They just didn’t want to try. »
  • “MBC and Starship Entertainment are involved in this. Jang Wonen is a popular contestant, so they want to put her on stage. But they couldn’t force her to train. “
  • “Wow…”
  • ” [The fact that they reused the sound] is what confuses me the most. How insincere!”
  • “For example, I really don’t mind reproducible performances. Especially for an end-of-year show like this, I agree with that. I also agree with the sedentary performance! But for them, reuse of old audio… That’s disappointing. It’s no longer about the ability of the participants to sing or not. It’s about their sincerity for the stage. »

Some even claimed that IVE and/or Starship Entertainment “cheered up” and put on a “bad performance”, while “other artists who can sing live may have wanted and/or needed this opportunity.

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