“I’ve never had the opportunity…” — Zack Snyder Admitted His Desire to Make a Religious or Pornographic Film Back in 2021.


Zack Snyder may not have reached the level of Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese yet, but he certainly has a loyal fan base. This man made a name for himself with such hits as “300” and “Man of Steel”. The director also immersed himself in the theme of the undead, Shaun of the Dead and the horror comedy The Army of the Dead.


Although Snyder is best known for his work at DCU, he once wanted to release a religious film or work on pornographic content. Given the tone of his SnyderVerse, we don’t think his religious and pornographic films would have a very light or happy tone.

Zack Snyder regretted that he did not make a religious pornographic film

Back in 2021, when he had just released his version of “Justice League” by popular demand from fans, he spoke to The Daily Telegraph. Snyder was very frank during the interview and expressed a desire to one day make a porn film or a film based on religion. But he never had a chance to do that. In fact, he hoped he could combine the two genres into 300.

“I’ve always wanted to make a religious film and a pornographic film, but I’ve never had the opportunity to do either,” he admitted. He wanted to combine different genres into one film after he wrote the sequel to 300 Spartans. In addition, some viewers found the film bordering on pornographic.

It turns out that “Justice League” was not his first encounter with Warner Bros. The two quarreled before and during the sequel to the action movie. He came up with a gay love story for the sequel. However, Warner Bros put an end to this. Zack Snyder was even ready with the script. Presumably, it was a gay film against the background of the war.

The same fate could have befallen the “Justice League”, if not for the protests of fans. The cast and fans pushed Warner Bros to release a version of Snyder. He is currently preparing for the release of Rebel Moon. Warner Bros has long disagreed with Snyder’s vision of the DCU. And consequently, he is now making drastic changes, such as the expulsion of Henry Cavill, to erase all aspects of the SnyderVerse.

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