Ivar’s actress publishes photos on set


History Channel, must deliver to Vikings fans the second part of the latest season 6 of viewers’ favorite historical drama.

Recall that the production of Vikings was stopped as a result of the blockade generated by the coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting the world.

Fans remain anxious on social networks speculating the possible dates on which the latest episodes of Vikings could arrive. Recently, actress Georgia Hirst, who plays Torvi on the series, raised hopes of starting in the spring of 2021.

Now the Vikings star who plays Ivar has shared on his Instagram account some behind-the-scenes photos of the historical drama series ahead of the long-awaited second wave of season 6 episodes.

Photos of Ivar on the Vikings film set


In this sense, actor Alex Høgh Andersen shared with fans his small photo gallery on the film set as Ivar the Boneless, which was accompanied by a message for all fans who are waiting for the next episodes:

While we wait for the final season of Vikings to finally air (I have no idea when it will happen (!)), Here is a small collection of photos to entertain you. 1. Pictured is me posing with the butt of a huge Gloucestershire pig, 2. Photo is costume queen Tanya fixing my own butt, and 3. Photo is magician Shane Deasy striking a pose while sitting on his rear, as always ”.

While actress Georgia Hirst said she had heard that the second wave of Vikings season 6 episodes could arrive during the spring of 2021, Andersen says she has no idea when. In this sense, it is important to wait for the official pronouncement of the History Channel.


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