Ivana Nadal Went Over The Line And Received Strong Comments


“What’s that hdp?” Ivana Nadal exceeded the limit with this video in dental floss!
The model went over the line and received strong comments.

Ivana Nadal is one of the most beautiful and charismatic women in our country. Your posts are a faithful representation of it. But far from television, they have to manage to live and a good source of income is Instagram


There are several exchanges and promotions that the model and driver usually share in their social networks. But this time, one caught the attention of her followers who could not see her doing such a thing in front of the camera.

With a pink thread set, the 28-year-old brunette was recorded by massaging the legs with a kind of glove with metal balls that apparently activate circulation and eliminate cellulite.


Her followers immediately left comments highlighting how beautiful she looked and that only she could make that video without making a fool of herself. Baaaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !! !!!!!! Ivi want to kill me ???? So bad was what I did to you ????? ; What is that hdp! You can’t be that good, you make me laugh badly, they wrote to Ivana on her Instagram account. She certainly doesn’t care about anything!

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