Ivan Hall from Bachelor Nation talks about the new girl: “We are a very good couple”


Fans won’t find Ivan Hall looking for love on paradise beaches —and there’s a good reason for that. The Bachelorette graduate spoke exclusively to Us Weekly about reuniting with his college girlfriend after he starred in the ABC series.

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“Actually, we’re going back. I met her in college. She went to a different school than me,” Hall recalled on the Us Weekly podcast “Here for the Right Reasons,” explaining that he attended Texas Tech and his girlfriend attended the University of Texas. “We met a little, and then for a while apart. She entered the medical institute. I moved to Florida to work as an engineer and all that. Last fall she got her first place of residence [job]. She’s an anesthesiologist. She got her first job here in Dallas, and then [we] started reuniting. I always thought with me and with her that this could work in the long run. We are a very good couple from the same neighborhood.”

Ivan about “Bachelor in Paradise”. ABC/Craig Shodin

Fans met Hall in Claire Crowley’s season of The Bachelorette Party, which turned into Taisha Adams’ journey for love.

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“I definitely have strong feelings for [Taisha],” the engineer told us. “This is a very unique situation that I have never encountered before. So I tried to process everything [after I was expelled]. I definitely really liked her.”

Hall told us that he “rationalized” their breakup pretty quickly, as they broke up over religious differences.

“I’m just not religious. I just don’t get attached to anything. And I am the same,” he explained. “I understand. Like, everyone wants to marry the one they want to marry. I just totally agree with it, and that’s what I’m stuck with. So, to be honest, I got over it pretty quickly.”

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Meanwhile, his current girlfriend is “known forever.”

“She’s a good person. I am very happy that we are together now,” he said. “Things seem to work randomly. Who would have thought that I would take such a detour in life, go to a “bachelorette party”, work in Florida and all that stuff. And then she accidentally gets a job in Dallas and lives near me. At the end of the day, everything works out. I am very happy now.”

As for his “workarounds”, Hall noted that his love watched “Bachelorette Party”, but did not tune in to season 7 of BiP.

“I don’t think she watched Paradise too much. I think she knows some of the highlights, but she hasn’t actually watched the whole movie,” he explained.

He concluded: “My girlfriend is such an amazing catch. We grew up in the same neighborhood, so we know each other a little. And the fact that she is so passionate about the work of an anesthesiologist is just great . . .”