Ivan Hall, apparently, trolling Deandra Kana because of assumptions about the relationship with Find Olukoya: video

Is a new couple brewing in Bachelor Nation? Deandra Kanu has apparently been stumped amid rumors that she is dating Naite Olukoya after his breakup with Michelle Young.

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When the 26-year-old contestant of the 24th season of “The Bachelor” met Ivan Hall live on Instagram on Wednesday, July 13, the 30-year-old graduate of the 16th season of “The Bachelor” called Olukoya’s name when Kanu asked him to describe her “type.”
“Probably like Knight or something,” Hall said when Kanu looked shocked and asked: “Who?”
Laughing, the engineer replied: “I’m kidding! …Like, how should I say it? The guys [who are] a little bit cooler, I think, than me. …As a professional athlete. …You like guys with a little more booty, in fashion.”

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Eagle-eyed fans reflected on Kanu and Olukoya after she attended his 28th birthday party with fellow Bachelor Nation members earlier this month. In the photos from the meeting, Kanu wore an Olukoi chain necklace. The party took place on the same weekend. 29-year-old Yang unsubscribed (or blocked) her ex-fiance (and several bachelor accounts reporting the party) on Instagram.
The Season 18 bachelorette couple, who fans watched get engaged in the December 2021 finale, announced their separation in June.
“I’m trying my best to say that Knight and I will go our separate ways, but I support him knowing the heaviness that is present in our hearts, as this relationship was very real for us,” the Minnesota native wrote via Instagram. . “I will always recognize and appreciate the adventures, support and growth that Knight and this experience have brought me. At the same time, I am in a lot of pain, and I need time and space to cope with this grief.”
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Olukoya later denied the cheating rumors, telling fans on June 25 that he “sincerely believed that Michelle was my man” before their breakup.
“I didn’t cheat. …Yes, I love hanging out with my boyfriends. Since she likes to hang out with her girls. There’s nothing wrong with that. Anyway, super healthy. We are social people. Not everyone who goes to bars is a fraud,” he wrote. “Not every breakup needs someone to blame. Yes, many of you seem to paint me as a red flag / f—k boy… But I’m actually a decent guy, and I just want to keep getting better. How we should all want for ourselves.
During her first post-breakup interview earlier this month, Yang hinted on the “Almost Famous” podcast that she was overwhelmed by the breakup: “I’ll say it’s not what I foresaw, and I’ll leave it there.”
Us Weekly has previously reached out to Kanu and Olukoya for comment.