IU Wins the 7th Trophy With the Song ‘Strawberry Moon’ on ‘Music Core’


IU managed to bring home the next winning trophy on the music program with the song ‘Strawberry Moon‘. On Saturday (11/12), IU’s song ‘Strawberry Moon‘ was again included in the nominations for the winner in the latest episode of the ‘Music Core‘ program.

The song ‘Strawberry Moon‘ was included in the winning nomination along with the songs ‘ELEVEN’ IVE and ‘Christmas EveL‘ belonging to Stray Kids.

In the end, IU won with a score of 5570 points, beating Stray Kids and IVE who got 4592 and 4574 points, respectively.

This is the 7th victory trophy that IU has managed to get since releasing the single ‘Strawberry Moon‘.

Congratulations to IU!