IU: The Disorder That Was The Inspiration For Your Song Knees


Chat-Shire is one of the most important albums in IU‘s musical history, not only because of the product but also because of the value of the songs.

What inspired IU to write the lyrics for the song Knees from the album Chat-Shire? The Korean drama actress and singer claimed that the combination of two stories resulted in her sweet ballad.

IU is considered one of the most important soloists in K-Pop , having in her career important musical releases and on the screen, which showed her multiple artistic abilities.

In addition to acting, singing, dancing, the idol is a very original lyricist and producer, on different occasions, she took inspiration from her childhood and adolescence stories. Do you know the story behind Knees from the Chat-Shire record material?

Chat-Shire was launched in 2015 and one of the ballads that the project included was Knees , during the promotions IU assured that she wrote the song thinking about her grandmother, who took care of her from a very young age, but also had the influence of a disorder she suffers.


Lee Ji Eun said that since she was 20 years old, she was detected a sleep disorder, when her career was in full swing, so she believes that becoming busy and having a full schedule of activities affected the way she sleeps at night:

It was a point where I had to be on hold, ready to work as soon as I got to my feet.

Knees was not only dedicated to her grandmother but also to insomnia that her transformation into an adult represented, to more hustle and bustle, and above all to wanting to go back to sleep as she used to do before.

The protagonist of Hotel del Luna confessed that Knees is a song that helps the rest to fall asleep due to its slow, relaxed, and sweet rhythms. An excerpt from the topic reads:

Even if I fall asleep with the touch of your hands, just let me stay like that for a while, don’t wake me up, I’ll sleep soundly.


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