IU Sweet Date with Actor Lee Jong Won in the MV ‘Strawberry Moon’


IU has finally released the ‘Strawberry Moon‘ music video that fans have been waiting for.


Exactly on Tuesday (19/10) at 00.00 KST, IU released a music video and her latest single entitled ‘Strawberry Moon‘.

As the song title implies, ‘Strawberry Moon’ is a sweet pop song sung with melodious vocals from IU.

Through this music video, we can also see IU’s appearance while doing a romantic scene with actor Lee Jong Won who previously played in the drama ‘Hospital Playlist 2’.

Strawberry Moon‘ is the next single released by IU in 2021, after earlier this year shocked the Korean music industry with the song ‘Celebrity’.

Just watch the ‘Strawberry Moon‘ music video from IU below!


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