IU and Suga premiere Eight, what does their new song mean?


‘Eight’ has a letter with a very special meaning.

BTS continues to surprise with new music releases, now, it was Suga’s turn to once again demonstrate his talent as a composer and producer alongside one of South Korea’s greatest soloists: IU.

Both share the same age and apparently they decided to mix their ideas, feelings and voices to create “Eight”, whose release has been very successful, we tell you the meaning behind this song.

“Eight” is already available on music platforms, ARMY was impressed with this collaboration and through social networks congratulated Suga for his great work.

The lyrics of “Eight” talk about not being able to forget what once made us happy, taking refuge in the memories of something or someone who once made us happy, but that irrevocably ended without us being able to do anything to avoid it. IU sings about feeling young and spending days living on memories, because waking up everything is like a nightmare not being able to forget.

“Eight” is the perfect song for the summer, being on the road and remembering all that you have left in the past, that could destroy you at the same time that made you happy, but that it is necessary to continue, farewells are never easy and You cannot avoid them either.

Without a doubt, both managed to combine the voice and the depth of the feelings in this single. Suga has always been characterized by having deep thoughts that he expresses through music, which although sad, help you heal.


So are you happy now Finally you are happy What am I? I think I’m all lost, all things come and go, then leave without saying hello. I don’t want to love anything like this, Everything is done in the dark ..

Traveling in memory, we are under the orange sun, dancing together without shadow There is no fixed goodbye. See you in that beautiful memory … Young forever.

Forever we young Wow wow … If this is a nightmare, I will not wake up forever Island yes, this is a small island made by the other. Yes, always young means that eternity is a sandcastle …

Farewell is like a letter of disaster. Tomorrow to greet with longing. Each one goes through this eternal make sure we meet again on this island …

Like anyone who comforted me as if it happened, it is not so easy to forget a memory of a year Even after time, where you hold me … We are under the orange sun, dancing together without shadow. There is no fixed goodbye. See you in that beautiful memory …

We go to bed, sharing a sad story. There is no depressive ending, I will see you in this memory forever. Young forever … forever we young Wow wow If this is a nightmare, I will never wake up …


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