IU reveals how the connection with Suga was to write Eight


BTS is in the midst of preparations for their Japanese comeback, which will take place on July 15 and will include several of their singles in that language, as well as new songs, one was written by Jungkook.

Meanwhile, Suga continues to enjoy the success of “Eight”, a collaboration she made with IU and which has achieved an ALL-Kill on Korean platforms thanks to the amount of streams received, the idol confessed how it felt to work alongside her.


Through her YouTube channel, IU shared a new video in which she revealed the behind the scenes for ‘Eight’, the singer is the same age as Suga, so it was comfortable for her to work alongside her, in fact, the treatment was very informal unlike other projects he has had.

IU confessed that the composition process was very easy, the lyrics of ‘Eight’ came easily to her mind and she had no difficulty writing it, Suga is characterized by the sentimental depth that she manages to capture in her songs, so it helped her completely.

They were also provided with the melody that Eight would bring, the process for this collaboration was very easy for her and she believes that she got to the place where she wanted with this song.

Without a doubt, they both share the same talent and ideas, which allowed them to be a great team and merge their creativity.

The idol has stood out for collaborating with several female artists, who have praised his way of composing, Halsey is an example of this, since he assured that he has a way of expressing feelings easily, the next projects of Suga are his mixtape and the next Japanese comeback from BTS.

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