IU From BTS and Jungkook Are Included in The List of “200 Greatest Singers of All Time” by Rolling Stone Magazine.


On January 2, the famous Rolling Stone magazine published its list of the “200 greatest singers of all time”, and it included two Kpop idols: IU and Jungkook from BTS!

The magazine published a list of the “100 Greatest Singers of All Time” in 2008, and more than 10 years later this list has grown to more than 200, including new generations of singers.

The impressive list contains the greatest female singers, such as Aretha Franklin in the first position, Ariana Grande in the 45th place or Adele in the 22nd place.

According to the list, Jeongguk is ranked 191st, and the magazine writes:

“Jungkook, the youngest multi—faceted member of BTS, has a long list of talents – he is a strong performer, has written several songs and is known as extremely hardworking and modest, despite the success he achieved at such a young age.”

IU et Jungkook de BTS font partie des « 200 Meilleurs Chanteurs de Tous les Temps » de Rolling Stone

Meanwhile, IU is in the 135th position. The magazine explains:

“Since his 2010 hit “Good Day” (which received well-deserved praise for a beautiful three-note climax) Ayu has become one of the most beloved singers in South Korean music.”

Korean netizens reacted with great pride when they saw that Jungkook and Ayu were included in the list. Among the comments we can read:

“Congratulations to Jungkook and IU.
“AyU, how are you going to be proud of us?”
“Congratulations to Jungkook and IU. ”
— I’m so proud of you, Jungkook! You too!
“Congratulations to both of them! ”
“Congratulations! I like the voices of Jungkook and IU. ”
“Congratulations to IU and Jungkook. Is it possible for you to record a duet? Me?”



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